We welcome you to enjoy the International Schimmel Piano Competition live at Schimmel Pianos in Braunschweig from 17 to 19.09.2021.


On three consecutive days, 20 international pianists aged 18 to 32 will play for the first places. The visit of the Schimmel Piano Competition is free of charge and without pre-registration!

The prizewinners' concert with award ceremony will take place on Sunday, 19.09.2021 at 7 pm in the Lessingtheater, Wolfenbüttel.  All those interested in music are cordially invited to attend the concert, which is free of charge and subject to all applicable Corona measures. For further information about your visit to the Schimmel Piano Competition and the reservation of your seat for the prizewinners' concert, please click here:  Concert Visit


The 3G rule applies to your visit to the Schimmel Piano Competition. This means that entry is only allowed for vaccinated, recovered or negatively tested guests (rapid test max. 24 hours, PCR test max. 48 hours). Please note that there may be waiting times at the entrance due to the control. 

*Please note that due to possible restrictions, we can only allow a limited number of people into the building on the days of the event.


Schimmel Konzert Flügel

International Schimmel Piano Competition

The International Schimmel Piano Competition, organized by Wilhelm Schimmel Pianofortefabrik GmbH will take place for the first time in 2021 in Braunschweig | Germany. The competition is open to professionally trained pianists aged 18 to 32 years. Besides the artistic and pianistic performance, the competition focuses on the concept of the presented concert program, curated by the participant him or herself. The concert program should follow a theme of the participant's choice. 

When and Where

Public Audition

17.-18. September 2021

Schimmel concert hall, Braunschweig | Germany


Award - Winner's Concert:

19. September 2021

Lessingtheater, Wolfenbüttel | Germany


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The application deadline for the International Schimmel Piano Competition 2020/2021 is over.




1st Round in the Schimmel Concert Hall, Braunschweig:
Admitted participants will present a 20 to 30 minute long concert program, curated by themselves to the jury and the audience. The participants have the opportunity to explain the idea underlying their program concept at the beginning of their performance in an oral presentation of maximum 2 minutes (in German or English).

Six participants with the highest scores will be admitted to the final round.


Final round in the Schimmel Concert Hall, Braunschweig:
The selected participants will present another concert program curated by themselves of 35 to 50 minutes in length. Once again, the participants have the opportunity to present the idea underlying their program's concept at the beginning of their performance in maximum 2 minutes (in German or English).




Award-winner's concert in the Lessingtheater, Wolfenbüttel:
The three participants with the highest scores will present their program from the final round during a public award-winner's concert.




Participants are responsible for organizing their journey to Braunschweig as well as the travel and accommodation costs. Schimmel Pianos has set aside a number of rooms in a hotel in Braunschweig, so participants can reserve a room at their own cost in the hotel or organize an accommodation in Braunschweig on their own accord. Schimmel Pianos will organize a shuttle service between the hotel and the competition's locations.


Please note: During the event, photos and films will be taken for promotional purposes.



1st Prize Either the production and publishing of a CD, including digital distribution under a label or the production of a music video for self publishing.

2nd Prize 2,000 Euro

3rd Prize 1,000 Euro 

Audience Award 500 Euro


The piano pieces can be chosen freely, but should predominantly meet high artistic and pianistic standards. The presented piano works should follow a topic of the participant's choice. There are no restrictions in the choice of a topic. Thematical connections can be established for example by programmatic terms such as musical motifs and themes (e.g. "water", "night", "dream", "time"), characters and people (e.g. "Scheherazade", "Undine"), selected composition genres (e.g. "Préludes", "Capriccio") or technical elements (e.g. "staccato", "Octaves"). Your program's topic can extend far beyond the given examples. Your own creativity and imagination is required!


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The concept of your concert program can deal with thematic connections, as well as contrasts and discontinuities and can show up relationships crossing established boundaries of musical genres and epochs. Improvisations and changes in a composition are allowed, insofar as your concept convincingly demands them. Essential to the conceptualization of your concert program are artistic independence, individuality, creativity and originality as well as comprehensibility and appeal (entertainment, pedagogical effects) for the audience. Participants have the possibility to present the idea underlying their program concept in a maximum 2-minute long introduction in German or in English before their piano performance. This introduction is desirable, but not mandatory.


Two programs with different topics must be curated for the first and final round .


Concert program 1st round: 20 - 30 minutes


Concert program final round: 30 - 50 minutes
Pieces from the first round can only be repeated in the final round, if it is necessary for the realization of your program's concept. 


A change of your concepts is not possible after entering the competition!

If you have any questions concerning the conceptualization of your program you can reach out directly to us.


How can I enter the competition?

Who can join?

Professionally trained pianists, aged between 18 and 32 years at the time of the competition can take part.


How can I apply?

The application deadline for the International Schimmel Piano Competition 2020/2021 is over.

We will inform you on this page as soon as an application for the International Schimmel Piano Competition 2023 is possible.


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Which information and files are required?

  • Information on your repertoire for both rounds (work, composer, duration)
  • Short biography (max. 300 words)
As well as the following files, named: surname_firstname_file (e.g. smith_susan_video.mp4):
  • A description of both program concepts for the first and the second round, including the repertoire (one DIN A4 page per concept idea max.) // file format: .pdf // size: max. 500 KB
  • Video* // file format: .mp4 // size: max. 8 GB
  • Portrait picture// file format: .jpg, .png, .gif // 300 dpi // size: max. 5MB
  • Copy of your passport or your identity card // file format: .jpg, .pdf, .gif) // size: max. 2 MB


* What do I need to know before recording my video?
  • Present a free repertoire for piano-solo of minimum 10, maximum 15 minutes
  • Your face and hands should be clearly visible
  • The video should be uncut and unedited (e.g. without effects, zoom, titles or transitions)
  • The audio recording should be in a good quality (no dynamic compression)
  • The video shouldn't be older than 6 months at the time of your registration.